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Mija Software

The creators of software. The use of technical diagrams and drawings is intended to arouse interest… It was extremely important to show images of the company’s crew as well as the completed projects.

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Kitchen designs are often works of art and, at the same time, they show the craftsmanship of those who created them. It was obvious that the pictures of realisations played foreground roles. Photographs and kitchen realisations give the impression of the company’s reliability due to the attention to every detail. And it is precisely these elements that are very important for the customer when selecting the contractor.

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Morska Motors

The luxury car showroom. Elegance above all. Showing the pictures of luxury cars in the foreground is to arouse the desire to own one and to encourage the contact. All combined into one thought out and coherent whole.

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The financial advisory should be associated with safety as well as providing clear and understandable advice. The picture of a happy family combined with unusual elegance of design increases the confidence in the consulting company. The predominance of blue, which is associated with positive feelings, is also to help it.

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Products for gastronomy have always been associated with reliability. The picture of the cook on the background of products convinces the visitor that they are used by professionals.

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The image service focused on the sale of training for sports instructors. A stylish starting picture that encourages to take advantage of the prepared training offer.

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The new brand of light switches. Looking at the design, there are no doubts who plays a central role. Photographs of modern interiors allow to observe the application of the proposed solutions in practice. The colour scheme combines elements of modernity and practicality.

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Fleet Control

Control of the fleet capacity. The image video at the top of the page refers to the theme and a brief presentation of services in the foreground along with the calculation of gains increase the attention and encourage to take advantage of the offer.

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Venus Yacht

The marine subject matter cannot do without the use of photographs of the sea and the use of colours - white and blue immediately bring sailor’s outfits to mind. The main menu is highlighted with climatic white cord, which is associated with yacht duties. The project was to be neat and, at the same time, prestigious to emphasise the nature of the offered yachts.

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The financial sector is associated with accuracy and meticulousness. The use of contrasting colours - black and white, the visibility of motto in the centre of the page and the use of the wolf theme - in relation to the company’s image - is intended to convey the unique character of the company in the most efficient way.

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The pool is associated with ubiquitous water and the blue colour. The layout, which combines features of prestige - modern home together with the swimming pool. All the benefits of owing a private place to swim near the house are bulleted in a thought out place.

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Domy Hybrydowe

A developer of modern passive houses. The project was to be associated primarily with the modernity of solutions. The main picture, and the whole layout of the website, allows to quickly become familiar with the company’s offer.

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The biblical mobile application that is characterised by ease of finding the Word of God foreseen for a given day of the week. In the application focus was placed on smooth operation and freedom of movement between multiple functionalities.

Propozycja redesignu strony

Wars – posiłek w podróży

Clear and intuitive layout, in which features designed to warm the brand image, while modernising it, have been externalised. The site was to make the customer whet the appetite for what is served in the restaurant car.

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Serwis wizerunkowy

Kamaz Polska

The layout of the image website of the leading Russian truck manufacturer, emphasising the company’s transition into a new better time, and refreshing its image. The newest Kamaz truck in operation is highlighted in the central place, which brings to mind the association of Kamaz with vehicles that are durable and able to take on the toughest tasks.

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Serwis wizerunkowy

Poligon Delta

Sharp and aggressive colours complement each other creating a service for real hard men. Irregular lines separating various parts of the site are to be associated with the graph of heart rate and increase of the level of adrenaline - which symbolises the struggle and challenges.

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Serwis wizerunkowy


The truck service that was to stand out with style from the competition. It was designed so that all necessary information was easy to find and to encourage the contact in order to arrange a repair.

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The film producer. The majestic black and white contrasted with the orange colour. Climbing up the top and going up in the balloon are to symbolise magic and the possibility to deflect the reality in cinematography.

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Just Me

The manufacturer of women’s underwear. The symbol showing the silhouette and the beauty of feminine shapes. It expresses focus, excellence and pleasure, and it ideally suites the sector and the widely understood nurturing of beauty.

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